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The Tamil writing on the palm leaves appear to the utterly difficult to read, how do you manage to read them so fast?

 All the historical temples whose glory has been sung in our poems, have Tamil letters engraved on the stones. Only such of those, who are extremely proficient with Tamil alphabets, can read them. You will appreciate that even people with superior knowledge of English will find it difficult to read the doctor’s prescriptions, whereas persons with scant knowledge of English, meaning the stuff at a drug store, read the prescription with ease. This is because; they are so very conversant with the names of all medicines, due to their practical knowledge and experience. Likewise, we have received training, the reading of palm leaves, from our elders and have gained proficiency with constant practice

 ​Will problems get solved by performing remedies?

 We do not claim that problems can be entirely solved through remedies. We can only mitigate the gravity of the impending misfortunes. But if it is stated in the palm leaves that the problems will be solved completely through remedies, then they will definitely be solved fully. We cannot stop rain, but we can partially protect ourselves with the aid of an umbrella. This is the right anology.

Thumb impressions are unique scientifically and are used for legal purposes. What is the difference between your classification and their? 

 For legal purposes, the whole thumb is studied minutely. But we concentrate only on the centre part of the thumb and sub-divisions therein. This is a humble attempt to clear some of the doubts and mysteries surrounding Naadi Astrology and to bring out the authenticity of the ancient art.

Could you share some of your experience with us? 

I would like to tell the people that we are only”Naadi Readers” What is written on the leaves is read and explained by us.We ourselves do not add anything. Some clients get irritated when some of the facts are unpleasant. We cannot help it. With utmost patience, we clear their doubts. Common people and VIPs from all occupations have consulted us. We show them the particular leaf where the predictions for the native are given. Some of our customers able to read the leaves on their own.

What is the significance of Nadi Astrology?

 There are twelve chapters(part) The first chapter contains native’s name , present details of profession , brothers , sisters , children , spouse and gist of future prediction for all the twelve bhavas. There is also a poetic description of the planetary positions in the native’s horoscope. The other chapters deal elaborately with every aspect of your life. The family circumstances the success and failure in education, to undergo in future, the good and harm your siblings can cause, when it is likely that we will acquire our own house, vehicle and properties will be blessed with a child; how many sons and daughters, what are the causes of childlessness and how to overcome them, likely diseases you may suffer or enemies you may have litigation, debts and the ways of over coming them successfully. The timing of your marriage and the likely direction from where your prospective spouse will come from, whether it will be love marriage or within your own circle of relatives or friends, whether it will be a inter-caste marriage and how to select the right spouse. How to overcome delays and obstacles in marriage , longevity and intermittence problems and how to overcome them, fluctuation in earnings, accumulation of wealth, nature of profession, whether government or private employment or own independent business or many businesses, how to earn profits, likelihood of second marriage and if so, the good or bad repercussions, foreign travels, employment abroad, foreign business connections, the place and nature of life in next birth, salvation and other future predictions , year wise life time predictions. Once we know this details they will help us to guide our future living. Besides by knowing beforehand the likely misfortunes, we can take precautionary measures and also perform the prescribed remedies to overcome them and to live comfortably

What do you wish to tell us? 

 With divine grace, our Maharishis were able to foresee a lot. They have foreseen and predicted the type of name and the events of life for a person born at a particular moment with corresponding planetary positions. Naadi astrology is written by “Saptha Rishis”- Vasistha, Agasthiya, Kaushika, Sukar and others saga Agasthiya has written in Tamil. Other Sanskrit texts were translated Tamil. Mantra king Sarabhoji and chola kings patronized this form of astrology and translations. You will come to us seeking Naadi Astrology, only when your time is propitious, people who come to us with faith and patience, will positively benefit. Its my steadfast belief that people with deceitful intentions, could not have carried on such noble profession for generation. We are exceedingly happy to know about our clients living prosperously after knowing from us their predictions, it is our intention to offer these benefits to many more persons and make their lives happy. We are functioning only with that aim.

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